Our work is concentrated on the area of Jobat, a city in central India.

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Jobat lies approximately 200 km from the west coast of India between Bombay (Mumbai) and Delhi in the central Indian federal state of Madhya Pradesh – district Alirajpur. The main city in Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal. The Alirajpur district belongs to the poorest areas of India.


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The kindergarten and the retirement home were the first institutions founded by Gritli Schmied. The Kindergarten is in the same building as the retirement home. Having young children around provides a welcome change to daily living for the retirees. It is mainly Adivasi Children from the local area who are enroled in the Kindergarten.

The kindergarten provides a good base from which to begin primary school. The children learn Hindi. At home these children only speak Bhili (a local language with approx. 3.5 million native speakers). The state school however teaches Hindi (official language, approx. 260 million native speakers). Each day, the children receive a warm meal and from time to time they also receive new clothes.

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