Our work is concentrated on the area of Jobat, a city in central India.

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Jobat lies approximately 200 km from the west coast of India between Bombay (Mumbai) and Delhi in the central Indian federal state of Madhya Pradesh – district Alirajpur. The main city in Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal. The Alirajpur district belongs to the poorest areas of India.


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Sunrise orphanage for boys

In 1999 we opened our first childrens’ orphanage. 30 boys aged between 7 to 20 years live at “Sunrise” home.

The oldest boys attend the government run public school or the mission school. Younger children start at the newly opened Sadbhavna School or St-Xavier Dalene School. There, they will be taught in English and as a result will have a better chance to enrole in further studies.


Narmada orphanage for girls

In 2003 the Narmada building was used as a school and was modified and further extended into an orphanage for girls in 2008. This was necessary due to over-crowding in the first building and also because Indian law states that girls and boys of a certain age must live in separate dwellings. At present, 30 girls between the ages of 7 and 19 live at the “Narmada”.


Students and Graduetes

10 students live outside of the compound. They are enrolled at training institutions and universities in other cities. Each year, there are other school-leavers or graduates who go on to higher education.

Some graduates choose to serve an apprenticeship on a farm, mostly at their relatives, or they learn a trade.


Margret Residency

Since 2008, the Margret Residency is a house for old very poor people without a family, or for poor handicaped people. At the “Margret Residency”, the only retirement home in a wide area, live 12 to 16 elderly people, who often arrived in a poor and unkempt state. Our personel lovingly care and nurture them. Some of them return to their old lives again or to relatives once they are in better health. Others stay to retire at the Margret Residency. The number of inhabitants changes constantly. We offer these people a decent living environment with good social and medical care.

The house is built in a traditional manner. At the same building, we have a first-aid station and a Kindergarten for Adivasi. The first-aid station is run by a trained nurse. At the Kindergarten, 16 to 26 children are readied for school. The Adivasi children mostly speak at home Bhili, but at the school they learn Hindi. Only if they have a good Hindi vocabulary can they begin primary school. The number of children, their age, and the success at the beginning of school varies, and is also dependent on the will and understanding of the parents. Our team encourages the children’s literacy through games and songs.


Meals for poor people

In a rented room, a warm cooked meal is served at the dinner table daily for 30 people. People without work, widows, elderly and the poor come. Some take their ration with them, others eat there. It is mostly Adivasi and travellers who come. This service is well-subscribed and and is runing since several years.



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